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How Clickbank Refunds Work?


How Refunds Work on Clickbank

 As part of our commitment to quality customer service and satisfaction, ClickBank may approve a return in accordance with our Return and Cancellation Policy. When a sale is returned the customer receives a 100% refund and payouts from that sale are debited back out of the corresponding Vendor and Affiliate accounts. Product returns are evidence of customer dissatisfaction with product quality or lack of support and ClickBank wants to encourage Vendors to identify and fix any problems to minimize the number of returned sales. Therefore, Vendor accounts that maintain a refund rate in excess of 15% may be subject to ClickBank retaining its transaction processing margin (as discussed in Retail & Wholesale Pricing above). Vendor accounts that maintain a refund rate significantly above this amount may be subject to additional fees.


If a customer requests a refund of their purchase, a customer support ticket will be created in the ClickBank Customer Support Ticket System. From there, you have 24 hours to attempt to save the sale by providing support directly to the customer. After that time (which does not include weekends) has elapsed, ClickBank will automatically process the refund. For more information about the Ticket System and how to interact with it, please see Customer Support Ticket System.

For more information about ClickBank's refund policy and how it affects you, please read our Return & Cancellation Policy.

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