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How do Affiliates Get Paid on Clickbank?


Getting Paid on Clickbank

The goal of being an affiliate is to get paid for your efforts. To receive your first commission payment, there are two requirements:

  1. You must reach your payment threshold, which you set in your Settings.
  2. You must meet the Customer Distribution Requirement.

For more details about these requirements, please see our Accounting Policy.

Once you've met these two requirements, you can start receiving payments. For more details about ClickBank's payment schedule see Paychecks.

All accounts default to a paper check payment method until you elect to change to direct deposit or wire.  If you're located in an eligible country, you can start receiving payment via direct deposit. Once you become eligible for direct deposit, you can specify this as your payment method in Settings->Payment Information. If you are not within a country supported by direct deposit you may be eligible to receive wire payments or can continue to receive payments with a check.

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