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Do you offer a review copy of your product?


Review copies are available to a select number of affiliates or professional reviewers for a discounted price.

In order to request a review copy please submit a support ticket with the following information.

1. What is your name and website URL?
2. How do you plan to promote our product?
3. How many monthly unique visitors does your website have?
4. Are you affiliated with Clickbank or JVZoo, if so, what is your username?
5. Do you have a account, if so, please provide your username.
6. What type of review can you do for the product? (eg. Unique Article Blog Post, Youtube Video, Warrior Forum Post)
7. Do you have social media profiles, if so,  please send us your screenname. (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc)

Once we receive your details we will review your request and get back to you promptly.


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