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How to Earn Extra Commissions through Clickbank Upsells


If you're promoting our products as a ClickBank affiliate then you can earn additional commissions through our up-sell process known as PitchPlus.

How it works:

With PitchPlus Basic the beginning of the order process works like any other ClickBank purchase; a customer visits our Sales Page, clicks the payment link, then enters their payment information on the Clickbank order form and completes their purchase.

In a non-PitchPlus purchase, the customer is then taken to a confirmation page where they see their order details and can access the product.

In a basic PitchPlus purchase, however, the customer is instead taken from the Order Form to an additional Pitch 'Sales' Page! The customer is given the opportunity to accept or decline the additional offer, and are then taken to a ClickBank Confirmation Page, which contains links to the individual Thank You pages of the items purchased. If they accept the additional offer, they’re able to purchase it immediately without having to re-enter payment details.

As an Affiliate, you can receive a commission for each successful upsell purchase, with the commission rate for upsell purchases listed on our affiliate page.

When promoting our products, you should only be promoting the main Pitch 'Sales' page, not our individual upsell pages, otherwise, the system will not link the sale to the main product. The Affiliate from the original sale will be credited for each sale in the PitchPlus upsell flow.

For more information about ClickBank PitchPlus please visit the ClickBank knowledge base here.

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