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How to add an Active Link to Your Video


Standard Videos in the format of .mp4 do not contain an active video link.

To add a link to your video

1. You first need to order an upgrade to make an interactive video with a video player. Our Ready-Made video are sold with the .mp4 file only, not the video player. Contact us for pricing.

2. You can upload the video player onto your on website server or upload the video to sites like that supports interactive videos.

Here's an example of a video linked using a video player that we installed on our website server.

Click anywhere on the video and it will go to the website.

See Example: Click Here to View Active Video Link

Social Media Video Uploads

If you upload the .mp4 file directly on social media websites, then it will not link without that video player. 

The purpose of the call to action at the end of the video is to direct the viewer to click the link in the video description. When you upload your video to YouTube or Facebook, then you should put your domain name on the first line of the description so people can click your link. 

If you want to add a link to the video on youtube then you need to add a "card". See instructions

Website Hosting for Videos

If you need web hosting then I recommend Siteground Startup plan.





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