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What does Support and Updates include


Depending on the website package that you purchase, you will have access to 1 - 3 months of support. 

What support includes

• Access to the latest version of the package you purchased

• Startup Remedy WordPress plugin updates 

• E-mail support tickets for any bugs or issues

• Help with questions you have on how the system works

What support & updates does not include:

•We do not provide support for domain name server or website hosting issues. You must submit a support ticket with your web hosting company.

•Customization's (Adding additional images, text, videos, color changes, plugin installations etc)

•Fixing issues or conflicts with other Wordpress extensions or modules. If another extension conflicts, we will analyze it for a few minutes, and if there is a quick fix we will do it, but if not you will need to hire a WordPress developer to help you.

•Fixing theme or template conflicts – we do provide best effort help though, but if it’s because of a special module the theme uses (like one page checkout or ajax add to cart) extra billed time may be necessary

•Phone support & live training

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